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Beginner & Intermediate Photography Workshop

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This 8 hour beginner / intermediate course is aimed at those who wish to unleash the amazing potential of the modern SLR camera. You will learn how to operate your camera in manual mode and get applicable tips for travel, landscape and portrait photography. This course is for the person that wishes to understand the camera they use and compose images like a pro. We also touch on simple digital editing techniques and organized workflow .
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Wether you are a Beginner, enthusiast or advanced photographer looking to expand their knowledge and creativity, we will have a workshops geared for you . Don't have a DSLR with interchangeable lenses. no problem. This is not about gadgets, it is to ensure everyone understands the basics of photography and artistic composition so we can hit the ground running. Together we will understand the basics rules of photography that have never change.
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Course Contents:
  • Understanding Exposure: Aperture / Shutter Speed / ISO / White Balance
  • How to use your Camera – properties and mechanisms.
  • Shoot landscapes and architecture like a pro
  • Understanding Lenses – what to use, when and why
  • Bracketing your exposures for amazing HDR edited images
  • How to choose a camera (DSLR vs Mirrorless) and why both are great.
  • Relaxed and Constructive Feedback
  • Setting up and editing your best image for printing.
  • Printing of your best shot to a 15x18 canvas (Included).
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y photography journey began as a custom lab technician and apprentice commercial photographer for a successful design team servicing large corporations and local businesses. As a custom darkroom technician, I specialized in printing custom competition prints for award winning photographers who shared their own talents and technics that I still apply today. Over the last 15 years we have witnessed the digital re-invention of an industry that is no longer limited to the die hard enthusiast or skilled professional. The average amateur is now using the same state of the art equipment as any professional and they want to learn to take better photographs. Let us show you how.
Paul Sorensen
Photographer & Master Printer
This workshop is about understanding any camera and applying simple rules to capture accurate, composed images right away. Understanding manual mode is not difficult, combine this with the knowledge of artistic composition and you’re on your way. It's about capturing the best possible image at that special place at that pecial place with the ability to edit to perfection.
Paul Sorensen
Classes are a minimum of 2 and maximum of 6 persons
Next workshop in Mid October 2016 with flexible dates.

Please contact me a
Beginner & Intermediate 2 day 8 hr workshop is $290.00
5:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Includes 15 x 18 Canvas Gilclee of Your Favorite Image.
Ready To Stretch black or mirrored 2.5” Border
($40.00 value)
Your Camera.
Your favorite (un-edited) image on usb drive.
Comfortable Relaxed Clothing.
An open mind and a love for photography.

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Located at 190 N. Christina St. Downtown Sarnia.
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